Chuniding Resort

Tucked away in the pristine forests on the spur off the mighty Dagala range, 20 minutes drive from the capital city is the homely Chuniding Resort. 

The resort opened in 2007, to provide a peaceful and ecological getaway for tourists and locals alike. Initially it had single/double bedroom serviced apartments, and leisure cottages, but were discontinued to focus on food, which has been the core speciality and passion for the enterprises under Chuniding. 

Solely focusing on traditional Bhutanese cuisine, Chuniding Resort attracts tourists and locals alike, food enthusiasts and food bloggers from all over the world. There has been a growing interest in learning the traditional culinary arts of Bhutan. 

At the Resort’s Open-Air Kitchen, which has both modern cooking amenities and traditional mud stoves, live cooking demonstrations are organized for guests on request basis. Guests can participate in the culinary rituals and cooking classes are also available.

 Chuniding Resort is one of the very few places where visitors can experience authentic traditional food and brew, prepared in earthen pots over fire.

The ingredients are organic and local, gathered from around the country, and used for materializing the most unique of recipes into a concoction of appetizing and aromatic Bhutanese cuisine.

Try, for instance, the banana and pumpkin flour pancakes with organic apple and mango jam for breakfast, sitting in the open-air kitchen, as aroma of spices and herbs waft about with the smoke from the wood-fed stove, and birds tweet about in the woods. It’s the perfect getaway.