Folk Heritage (Restaurant)

The Folk Heritage Restaurant, located within the Folk Heritage Museum complex, has something for each season, and it’s not just the food. 

The Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant opened in 2010 as a passion project to promote Bhutanese culinary arts. As an enterprise under the Chuniding Vision, Revival, Preservation and Innovation in Bhutanese food practices, Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant serves an array of over 60 vegetarian dishes and over 100 non-vegetarian traditional mouth-watering dishes, according to the season. 

One can sit amid the apple orchard and enjoy a barbecue among the trees. One can even sit on the porch, enjoy the view, and sip on traditional butter tea & ara (home-brewed rice wine). And during the crisp winter days, one can cozy up inside the restaurant surrounded by rammed earth walls inspiring nostalgia of the bygone days.

The Authentic Bhutanese Food experience is complete with a four course meal, starting with the traditional Tea & Wine Offering, and ending with an array of seasonal fruits plucked from the orchard right before your eyes. While modern cooking amenities are used, there is also an option to have meals cooked traditionally, in earthen pots over open fire stove.